My Gar-den!!!!!!!!

Good things are blooming. The birds left me a thank you gift for feeding them all winter–a sunflower! I’ve tried to grow them intentionally both this year and last and haven’t succeeded, so it really is a nice gift.

I also bought a bag of tigridia bulbs way back in March and threw them in the ground before I’d done much other planning about what I was going to plant. I didn’t know what they’d be like, but the blooms are pretty now. I also just discovered from Wikipedia that the bulbs are edible so I guess if I really get tired of them I could dig them up for a snack…or not.

It’s not a flower, but my lettuce is also pretty. I don’t know what this variety is. It’s part of a mix of lettuces that I got for Christmas.

One thought on “My Gar-den!!!!!!!!

  1. You’ve created a bit of heaven in the rubble of an inner city, Amy. You continue to inspire me … most recently to create herb markers. Your green thumb, photography and writing make a wonderful combination. -Carolyn

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