If I could just put in half as much time cleaning inside the house as I spend outside the place would be immaculate (even if John decided not to lift a finger). As it is, I start the weekend with plans to sweep the floors or paint the spots I need to paint in the bathroom…but first I’ll do a little bit of fun stuff outside.

I thought that this weekend’s rain would definitely force me to focus indoors, but no. I can always find something to do outdoors, even if the ground is too soaked to get into my garden.

Today I planted a few things here and there and stripped the broken tiles out of my mosaic birdbath.

I ended the day by stringing up the garlic that I harvested a couple weeks ago. I may have harvested it a little early this year because I was overeager to get some beans growing and the garlic was taking up precious space and looked like it was getting ready to die back. The garlic heads are a little small, but I’m still eager to start cooking with them. I got three different varieties and I’m curious how much of a difference there is in the flavor.

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