Blueberries are one of the best things in the world.

Yes, I really would stand by that statement even considering all the other things that exist in the world.

I spent the morning picking two big buckets of blueberries at Wright’s Berry Farm in Newburgh. It was actually a pretty nice day for it–not too hot, a little breeze, some clouds. I also had some nice conversation over the rows of plants with the woman assigned to pick from the same row as I. We talked about all the things that we are going to make with our berries. 

I’ve eaten many handfuls of mine fresh from the bowl today and also made a crisp. The rest are getting frozen for later. They’re great eaten one by one straight from the freezer. Another delicacy that I grew up with was frozen blueberries with milk poured over them.  The milk gets slushy and sticks to the berries. My row-mate today suggested that it sounds a little like a shortcut ice cream. She then realized that something similar happens when she puts frozen berries in yoghurt. Something new to try!

I’ve had this love of blueberries all my life, as this photo of Little Amy attests. Other kids have photos of themselves with their faces smeared with cake and icing. I have blueberry.

Speaking of blue, the blue hydrangeas are blooming all across Evansville. My neighbor Jeff has some really happy, healthy bushes. Where we live, the back yards are small, plants grow big, and it’s hard to keep anything confined to a single yard. Jeff’s hydrangeas poke through the fence with their huge, foamy blue blooms that block the precious sun before it can reach my tomato plants. As pretty as they are, my tomatoes need sun, so I cut them at the fence line.

So, thank you Jeff, for the wonderful bouquet that is now in my front window. Shamoo the cat even appreciates it because the blue looks so sophisticated next to his black and white while he sits on the front table and watches the cats, cars, and people go by.

One thought on “Blueberries

  1. What an adorable picture! It is next to impossible to get good blueberries here, unfortunately. They’re generally fat and mushy with no flavour, or tiny and hard with no flavour. Blackberries, on the other hand….

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