Blargh, Mulch!

Yesterday I finally got the mulch spread on my perennials. I’ve had the bags sitting in the back yard for a couple weeks but only yesterday did I both have the time and dry enough ground to do the job.

I don’t find the process particularly enjoyable. On top of that, yesterday was incredibly hot and humid.

So, here’s how it went…

First two bags done. It already looks better. My frog house from Art & Company looks even better now. My beans and other vegetables are looking good…

And there’re my Cucumbers. They’re really growing well. I never thought I’d like growing cucumbers, but last year my horned melons (a kind of cucumber) grew so well in this throw-away space that I decided to try another variety there this year. Next year I should rig some strings from the ground to the eaves of the shed and let the cucumbers grow up it. It would be a great wall of cucumber.

Oh, and hello Nala. Aren’t you so innocent there on the brick pile. No one would suspect that you’re a deadly bird hunter.

My blackberries are glowing in the sun. Should I try to keep the birds off them? I tried last summer and got a few berries for my tons of work wrapping the bush in bird netting, but then I got more than I could use from the bushes at Patchwork. Maybe the birds can just have these. The mockingbirds are already taking a toll…

Ok, ok, ok. Back to work. Three more bags of mulch in and I can see I’m going to fall just a little short. Drat! And John just came back from donating platelets so he can’t go do the heavy lifting for me when I get another bag. But hey, the mulch has added nicely to the level of the soil in the back corner of the garden…

And while I was at Lowe’s getting the last bags of mulch, I picked up a couple stepping stones so I stop trampling all over everything. But now it’s all done and looks great.

Maybe a break now for some fresh local peaches…

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