Tastes Like Summer

My garden’s in a slow spot right now. My beans, kohlrabi, carrots, beats, basil, cilantro, cucumbers, peppers, and tomatoes are all growing fine but there’s not much promise of produce any time soon.  The blackberries are juuuust about ripe, but the birds and squirrels are already helping themselves.

Lucky for me I’ve got access to other gardens where plenty of things are ready to eat. After seeing several friends’ Facebook posts that they were picking blueberries last weekend, I decided to find more myself–and I was successful!

Patchwork’s garden is also growing well, so on Saturday I ventured over to pick a few things including red beets, purple beans, sage, and blackberries. They all look so good together…

I also picked some summer squash at Patchwork. I’m surprised, but last summer won me over on summer squash. Before then I wouldn’t particularly have chosen to eat it, but then John and I shared a CSA share with Jane Vickers. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so many vegetables in my life.

It started out fine. Each week it was so exciting to pull open our box of vegetables to see what treats had been growing for us. I felt pretty in-tune with the seasonality of the particular produce as the lettuces transitioned to potatoes and summer squash that then changed to melons and winter squashes. But, by the end of the summer we all started thinking, “Please, please make the vegetables stop!” But then yet another box of vegetables would arrive for us.

Summer squash featured heavily into the blessings and curses of the CSA share. Not having had a fondness for it, I didn’t really have any recipes ready for it. Then we got squash after squash after squash. By the time they disappeared from our weekly CSA share, we had gotten plenty creative with it. A lot of ideas came from Simply in Season. I highly recommend the cookbook, by the way. With all the produce during the Summer of the CSA, my copy got quite the workout.

This year we opted not to be part of a CSA, but I miss the summer squash–just a little. I’m glad I can pick a couple over at Patchwork. They’re great sauteed with onions and added to pesto and pasta.

John and I have been making other tasty things recently. On the Fourth of July we grilled Honey Glazed Chicken, Peach, Sweet Potato, and Onion skewers. They were incredibly good. We added a bottle of some Argentinian white wine and it was perfect.

Last night we grilled burgers and brats. The burgers were dressed with some of the last of my lettuce, local tomatoes, and some fresh mozzarella. We also had roasted new potatoes from the River City Food Co-op and some of the beans from Patchwork’s garden. For dessert? Homemade caramel and toasted almond ice cream with blueberries!

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