The Claw Commeth for You

This morning I heard the tell-tale thunking of caterpillar treads and looked out our back door to see a backhoe headed for one of the only houses remaining across the alley from ours. In less than an hour and half the house was just a pile of rubble.

Houses are going down everywhere around ours these days. This particular house had families living in it three years ago when John and I moved in. Now it’s gone.

Our house was one of the earlier built on the block. I imagine it standing in the middle of what once was farmland as the neighborhood grew around it. Now it’s standing as the neighborhood comes down around it and returns to pastures. Actually, there are a lot of wheat seeds in the straw that they spread on the empty earth sores where the houses once were. Since the lots frequently are not mowed in a timely manner, they create little wheat fields.

Of course, I was not gawking like my neighbor Ted who you see in the photo above. Of course, I was gardening.


To appear busy, I attempted to string up my cucumbers to give them better space to grow in. We’ll see if it works. They weren’t too happy by lunchtime.

Of course today was incredibly hot and humid and it was uncomfortable even this early in the morning. The official high for the day was 101 degrees. Check out the humidity at about 7:00 am (the “indoor” was actually outdoors, and it wasn’t foggy, I just couldn’t keep my lens from steaming up):

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