Great Gardens of Europe

John and I are just back from two weeks of adventures in Europe–seeing the sights, visiting great gardens, but mostly just visiting our sisters. John’s lives in England and mine in Germany.

Pictured above is the first great garden of Europe. It isn’t grand in size or at a castle or something, but it does belong to John’s sister Anna and her husband Mark. And it has chickens in it, so it qualifies as a great garden.

Anna and Mark live in Guildford, Surrey. It was a lot of fun to meet the chickens and to see that each one had her own personality.  I can definitely understand why they consider the chickens to be pets.

Also while in Guildford we got to visit the special Saturday farmers market where we sampled good food and where I got some great photos of produce. Then we ate sandwiches in the gardens surrounding the Guildford Castle Ruins before walking along the footpaths outside of town.

We did plenty of other picturesque, outdoorsy things in England before heading to my sister Kirsten and her husband Thilo’s apartment in Veitsbronn, Germany. Veitsbronn is a picturesque town with a picturesque church at the edge of the fields.

While in Germany, we visited an open air history museum with beautiful gardens and houses from various eras of Germany’s past.

This was one plant I kept seeing in Germany. I would love to know what it is:

While in Germany we also visited the town of Sommerhausen, known for wine and art galleries.

We sampled the regional wines, which were very good, and stopped in a couple art galleries that were open. One had a garden out back that was filled with art . I loved the glass items in particular and would love to replicate the look in my garden.

Another gallery had some funky tree art that I liked as well. It was strings of beads and flowers dangling from a tree’s branches and a terra cotta face on the tree trunk with a doll head as one of its eyeballs.

So there it is: my inspiring gardens of Europe. It’s kind of a random summary of our two weeks of travel, but all the better!

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