The Crispy Moon

We’ve come around again the the crispy, crunchy month of August. The grass has browned and my perennials are shrinking back into themselves, conserving water in the heat. Luckily we haven’t had any of the weather extremes people are getting elsewhere in the country. Just garden variety summer’s end.

My vegetable garden has turned into a jungle between the lima beans, tomatoes, tomatillo, peppers, basil, morning glories, and massive 14-foot sunflower that isn’t flowering.

Unfortunately there isn’t an overwhelming amount of produce on all this greenery. There’s still time and blossoms, though. I’m hopeful. And happy for the fresh things I’ve been able to harvest.

One nice thing about the end of the summer is that my toad lilies are blooming.

Plus the raccoons and I appear to have reached an agreement–if they’re still stopping by for drinks, they’re not trashing my plants too much. I’m also blasting country music 24/7 in hopes of making my back yard less appealing to them.

It’s corn and tomato season, so recently John and I mixed up some corn fritters and tomato gravy. It’s a very summery food, and was one of my mom’s favorites. Growing up, my sister and I protested it so much that she rarely made it. (It’s not the most attractive and we weren’t big tomato fans.)

Quite a few years ago, though, I must have asked her how to make it, because I still have a card she wrote to me that includes the recipes.

To make it, you start with fresh corn, cut the kernels off, mix them into a sort of corn pancake batter and cook them on a griddle. Meanwhile you slice up some tomatoes, dredge them in flower, brown them, then cut them up and add them to a white sauce. The tomato gravy is served over the corn fritters.

This time John and I got them just about perfect.

We followed the corn fritters with a great peach pie made with fabulous white peaches called Carolina Belles. I’d gotten them here in town and froze them just before John and I left for vacation. Delicious!

5 thoughts on “The Crispy Moon

    • I didn’t even know what to expect when I planted the first one. It’s great to get to the end of the summer and still have some showy blooms yet to appear.

  1. I enjoyed how you strung crispy things and also your garden together!
    A hint on how to get rid of racoons from one of my neighbors who had an attractive fountain in her back yard. She put clorine in the water. The country music 24/7
    may work but it may also drive some of your neighbors away. If you are familiar with Jean Shepherd, the humorist, your neighbors might think you are a Bumpus, but then again maybe not- I don’t know the musical taste of the neighborhood.

    • Thanks, Ruth. I think that the constant country music is probably making my neighbors wonder what’s going on. I think they think John and I are already a little odd. Then there are a lot of empty lots on across the alley from us, so no worries there. The country music is partly my tribute to one of the kids who I knew in Patchwork’s children’s program who is now a DJ for the station–a nice success story. Plus I’ve heard that constant talking scares the raccoons and I thought country music is close to that.

  2. Hi Amy, Well I never remember having corn fritters and tomatoe gravuy t6ogether. We usualy had waffles with tomatoe gravy. To make it first brown a little bit of bacon ends for the grease to fry the tomatoes in and you son’t have to make white sauce just sprinkle in a tinly bit more flour and add milk. I remember corn fritters made from grated corn and fried in bacon grease to. not much just enoough so they don’t stick. Yum, yum. Alice

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