Major Coup…for the raccoons

Forget what I said earlier about the raccoons and I having an understanding. They had a different understanding and it was: “Try to keep us away and we will destroy you.”

Last Wednesday I was eating my breakfast when the floor started to make a creaking sound. It was as if someone was walking across the TV room but no one was there, not even the cat. Well, I had a sense that I wasn’t having a ghostly encounter. Shamoo and I walked into the room and we could hear fur rustling against the duct work.

That evening, John and I went down to the basement expecting rats but saw it was more likely raccoons. Yuck. They’d pulled apart the flexible duct work leading from the furnace. I think that because it’s been so dry recently they were looking for the moisture condensing on all the metal when the air conditioning was running.

Last summer the raccoons destroyed my garden looking for water, but this year I played country music 24/7 so they wouldn’t want to hang out in my back yard. I hate to think of what they will do next year if we try to block them from the basement. A friend of mine says her whole neighborhood came out to watch a raccoon tear a hole in her roof. I don’t want that to be us!

While John and I try to figure out what to do next about the raccoons, I’m working on something easy–finding ways to use the last of the fresh summer produce from my garden and the downtown farmers market.

Last weekend I made a nice soup with beans, carrots, and herbs from my garden. We’ve also had mac and cheese with squash in the sauce and chunks of pepper. This weekend I used the four ripe red peppers from my garden to make a red pepper pesto to go over broiled salmon (the recipe was from Cooking Light). Sunday morning John and I used the leftovers to make the Ultimate Scrambled Eggs: salmon, tomatoes and basil from my garden, onion, the pepper pesto, and a cheese mix of gruyere, parmigiano-reggiano, and parmesan. (It wasn’t horribly photogenic but it tasted great!)

Looking forward, even though the garden is slowing down there are still quite a few tasty things to eat up. I have a watermelon and squash from the farmers market and basil and tomatoes from my own garden. I know people with pears that are ripe, not to mention apples. Oh the possibilities!

Speaking of the farmers market, this is why the one in Evansville frustrate me: the lack of variety. For instance, I go there and find endless big red tomatoes. If I’m lucky I’ll find a couple yellow ones. I was there the other week and there were a few green ones and the woman next to me was looking at them like they were the most exotic things she’d ever seen. Now here are tomatoes from my garden:

Food should be beautiful!

There have been other beautiful moments around my garden recently. For one, I have a wonderful stand of elephant ears that I got from a friend. The water beads on their huge leaves so beautifully…

3 thoughts on “Major Coup…for the raccoons

  1. Loved reading about your raccoon encounter. The elephant ear photo is beautiful!
    ps Playing country music 24/7 would keep ME out of your garden : )

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