The Mexican sunflower continues to bloom. It makes me happy to see it out my back door. Sunday afternoon it attracted a couple hungry monarch butterflies. They perched on the flowers and drank nectar for an extended period of time.

Also, I’ve never had so many blooms on my toad lilies.

Meanwhile, it looks like nighttime temperatures under 40 degrees are on their way this week, so I harvested all my basil to make pesto. It was an entire salad spinner full. The first year I had my garden I discovered how well basil grows for me. It feels good to have a healthy mass of it when other plants are looking puny.

It’s useful, too. Last year I made a bunch into pesto which turned out to be the food that got John and I through the winter. It was perfect to pull out of the freezer on nights when he was studying and we were both home late and tired from work. Now I have a generous amount saved for this winter.

With the pesto I also got to use a bunch of the garlic from my garden.

The peppers are finally ripe as well. My poblano plant is covered. Last year we couldn’t use all the poblanos I grew before they went bad, so this year I’m determined not to have them go to waste. I thought they might be good as stuffed peppers, especially a recipe that’s supposed to be a little spicy already. John and I tried it.

Unfortunately it’s the same as last year when I tried to use up a ton of poblanos. I tend to forget how hot they are. It was a little spicy for me, but John liked it just fine.

Oh, and the raccoon count stands at 4 and 2 possums. The traps are still out.

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