They’re all coming down!

This week the birds were chirping, the sun was filtering through the thinning leaves, and then, from out of the early morning mist it was…

the RETURN of the CLAW!

And with that, the last two houses across the alley from us are gone.  Now it’s just a huge empty lot. My neighbor suggested there must be at least an acre of empty land there and that we should start our own truck farm. And maybe raise some chickens and goats.

Meanwhile, it was my birthday. John got me a little garden art from off my wish list. Isn’t it pretty?

It looks great right now as my garden turns from green to golden.

The golden light coming through the yellow leaves of the maple tree in the backyard makes our kitchen even more golden. It’s a nice time of year to be cooking.

We still haven’t had a frost, so this weekend I collected a few more green tomatoes and lima beans from my garden. I also planted my garlic. I tried yet another spot this year hoping that it will be in just the perfect place next spring when I plant everything else. If it turns out to be that perfect, it’ll be a first.

And for once there are no new raccoons to report. Hopefully they’re not just hiding out somewhere and plotting their next move. I also don’t want to find any evidence of the groundhog that was living underneath one of the houses that was just torn down. Hopefully he met a quick end.

4 thoughts on “They’re all coming down!

  1. Well, this is a lovely post…especially enjoy the photo of your kitchen window with golden light streaming through. Do you plant garlic cloves to produce garlic plants? (Can you tell I’m not a gardner? LOL)

    • Sharon, yes you just plant the individual garlic cloves and by early summer they’ve each formed a whole garlic head. So far I’ve had good luck and the process has been easy, but kind of magical. It feels a little like throwing food away when I’m planting the cloves since I handle them most often while in the kitchen.

    • It’s great, the sunflowers are so tall that I can only get a photo of the undersides. But they’re so beautiful. Finally this weekend I caught the sun shining through to illuminate them.

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