Death Comes to the Garden

A freeze has finally come. The plants are pretty well finished for the year. Still, just before the freeze I collected the last of my tomatoes. All together they’re a nice little harvest and have turned from green to yellow and red on my kitchen counter. I’ve got fresh tomatoes and it’s almost Thanksgiving–something to be thankful for.

Of my attempt at a late fall crop, only the peas have survived. Sadly, my lettuce drowned in some early fall thunderstorms.

I’ve done a little bit of cleaning up the garden and getting it ready for winter. I’ve also started watching for birds. I was afraid that my little family of downy woodpeckers had been permanently displaced when the house demolition crews pulled out the lines of scrap trees that had grown between properties, but I saw one of the little woodpeckers today. I’d put out the extra fancy suet with meal worms in it just for them. Other winter birds like the masses of juncos don’t seem to be back yet. I think I saw a hawk the other day. I hope to see more of them by mid-winter.

Oh, and now the raccoon count stands at 6. We got another one in the last couple weeks. We’d suspected that there was at least one more because it looked like there was more activity in the basement. New ducts were ripped. We’ll see if that’s the last one.

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