Fa La La La LA! Decking the Halls

John and I spent part of our Saturday night decking out our Christmas tree. The juniper we’d gathered last weekend is really a beautiful tree.

The problem with junipers is their horrible little needles that leave your hands with a raw rash by the time you have your tree decorated. BUT! John and I have discovered a little trick: wear latex exam gloves. With them, you can decorate in total comfort.

After our tree decorating, John and I sat down for some hot chocolate and Christmas specials and Shamoo the cat planted himself in what has become his customary location: in the middle of the nativity set.

Last weekend there was one pretty little juniper that no one claimed after we got back from the strip mine, so I took it rather than see it go to waste. Now it’s my little garden tree in the back yard.

It didn’t seem right to put artificial ornaments on it, so I cut some red berries from bushes at Patchwork (I forget the variety), picked some hydrangea “balls”, and nestled them among the tree’s branches. I also got a string of solar powered lights that are just perfect.

5 thoughts on “Fa La La La LA! Decking the Halls

  1. Your trees bring back memories of the hunsberger trees we decorated for Christmases in Blooming Glen including their prickliness!

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