Some weather we’re having, eh?

The first of my crocuses are up in the yard already. I almost missed them. I mean, why would I be looking for crocuses outside on the first of February?

Granted, they’re supposed to be a particularly early variety and I planted them a little early in the fall so they got a head start, BUT these super warm, spring-like days have moved the process along. They’re about a month ahead of last year’s.

They’re also pretty.

There should be more coming, but we’ll see. The squirrels got busy pulling them out as soon as I planted them.

I also have a hellebore in bloom. Surprisingly, it’s one I planted only last spring. A few years ago I planted a hellebore in the first round of plants ever for my garden. I liked the name. Hellebore. While I may have planted  the first one just because it sounds like a menacing, cave dwelling monster with robotic appendages, it turns out that it’s a great plant. So I’ve planted a few more not because of the name but because I like them as plants. As an added bonus, they surprise you with mid-winter blooms.

And while I was out photographing the hellebore, I noticed that the coral bells look great with their darker winter color.

I’ve actually had plenty of things blooming around my house. The rest of the blooms have been indoors thanks to some forced bulbs. I even succeeded in getting an amaryllis to bloom this year. They’ve never worked for me before because I usually wait to buy them until after I’ve walked past them in the store for a couple months. Then I finally cave and buy one half off. It’ll have already sprouted inside the box (poor plant, I’ll set you free!) and under the non-ideal conditions it grows leaves but no flower. This year I got one early.

I was a little disappointed after the month-long build up that the bloom didn’t last very long at all. I also had a basket of mixed bulbs that, by contrast, lasted a whole month with multiple waves of blooms.

And finally, if you’re reading my blog, thanks! And thanks for all the positive comments. I started another blog that links to my art website. I wanted a place for people to go if they’re looking for some current information about my art (it’s kind of a pain to edit the website so I don’t do it all that often). I get some work as an artist in residence that way. If you’re interested, it’s

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