February Dreaming

I’m spending plenty of time looking out my back door and dreaming of what I would love to see this summer.

High on the list is actually something I’d like NOT to see: so much concrete. I’d love to carve out a little more garden space, making my plot a full rectangle. I’ve also realized that I’d have some good growing space if I had planters or raised beds of some kind on top of the concrete in the middle of the back yard.

Hmmm…I could  start tearing out the concrete by my current garden and use the “urbanite” chunks to make a raised bed. It would be great! Until things go horribly wrong, as they very well might.

Or, it would work out just fine…AND I’d have a place to plant all the vegetables I ordered because I was dreaming big (Sure! I have room for squash, don’t I? …somewhere. gotta make room.)

You can see my other ideas below:

Here’s some things actually happening in my garden right now:

More crocus blooms!

And foggy mornings that highlight the giant oak behind our house:

And then this weekend I did some unexpected gardening, but it was at Patchwork and not at my house. You see, we’re having the tower in front of Patchwork restored and it’s taking a lot of heavy machinery. As John and I left work on Friday evening, we saw that one of the giant lifts had caught the poor little crabapple that Keep Evansville Beautiful planted last summer and had crushed it vertical under the machine’s giant elbow. The tree trunk hadn’t snapped, so Saturday I went over and carefully dug it out from under the metal elbow and replanted it in a spot in Patchwork’s garden.

Of course it was a serious challenge to dig the new hole, since in this neighborhood, anywhere worth digging a hole doubles as a subterranean brick yard. At least this time I dug up an old pipe in addition to the bricks, so the time doubled as archeology.

2 thoughts on “February Dreaming

  1. Amy,
    Glad to see your gardening blog. I just love keeping up with all the changes and beautiful plantings to come.

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