KA-Boom, Magnolia in Bloom!

Last Monday was the peak bloom time for our magnolia.

It was a perfect day for it with bright blue skies.

It couldn’t have been any better.

But already the next day the petals had started to fall.

Meanwhile, I have several little plants started in a nearby greenhouse. I’m hoping it will give my tomatoes, peppers, and tomatillo a good, solid start. Yesterday I ran into some friends there who shared a snack of collard flower buds. They were really good! Maybe I need to add some collards to my garden somewhere.

Since this weekend was just as nice as last, I spent some of it preparing my garden for spring. The perennials are just starting to emerge after the winter and everything feels like it’s glowing green.

And the barred owls are singing out across the neighborhood again. Over the past week or two I’ve heard them singing from somewhere between our house and the river, but tonight I heard one in the oak across the alley. Two years ago, that tree was central to two barred owls’ courtship. They were out there for a good part of February and some of March. It was really neat to listen to them, except they would get really loud and do a shriek-y, cluck-y call. It wasn’t so poetic.

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