My Garden Returns

It’s amazing the way that my back yard has exploded in just two weeks. Everything is so green. And not the exhausted, way too hot, just-give-me-a-little-more-water-so-I-can-survive-this-August kind of green. It’s the energetic, bright, succulent spring green of plants that double in size in just one day.

Looking back over my photos from the last two weeks, I can see the ground go from brown with a few scattered bits of green to a full garden. Now almost all of the perennials are well above ground.
It’s perfect. The plants are all happy and in their places. They’re not sagging from the heat. They didn’t sustain too much damage in the hail storm a couple Fridays ago (nickel-sized hail and lots of it). The raccoons haven’t dug them up. The starlings haven’t stripped them to the ground in a search for the perfect linings for their nest in the street lamp. The squirrels haven’t even done significant damage yet, though I wish I could teach them to weed so they could be more efficient in their random digging all around the garden.

Speaking of raccoons, we trapped our first of 2012 a couple weeks ago (seventh total). It was in our basement and was pretty gross. Ah well, the trap held.

Around my garden, a first iris bloomed. The tiarella are blooming as well. Out front, our azaleas are a mound of blooms. And, I was excited when the little redbud I planted last year did its thing, small as it is. Also in bloom: my 60 grape hyacinth impulse purchase from last fall.

When I was little, I remember my grandma had grape hyacinths beside her house. I always thought they were so cool. It was something about the tiny little beads of flowers and the odd smell. That’s why I planted these. I picked a few and put them in a vase on the window sill for old time’s sake.

Oh, and in keeping count of the wildlife inviting themselves into our house, I can now add a bat. John was watching a TV show that included vampires and looked up to see an actual bat circling the room. Our neighbor reported he didn’t hear any screams. I’m not sure how he missed them. At least we got the bat out pretty quickly by opening all the doors. Though, the bat did make an unfortunate stop inside the paper globe lampshade in the kitchen.

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