When I was little, my Easter basket always included flower seed packets nestled among the jelly beans, small toys, and plastic grass.

Earlier in the year, my sister and I would have looked through the Burpee seed catalog and marked the flowers we wanted to grow in our gardens. I guess I’ve always loved to look through seed catalogs.

I had a little garden space against the chicken coop that  included sweet peas, balsam, and asters. Dad would till up the soil every spring and I’d plant my seeds. Then it would get hot and my sister and I would have no interest in weeding anything, so soon Mom would be out there cleaning everything up.

When I started my garden three years ago, I was afraid I’d run into the same mental block when it came to garden maintenance, but that turned out not to be the case.

Now, my seed packets came months ago and most of the seeds have been planted, so there’s nothing for an Easter basket today.

It’s been a little dry here, so I decided to water everything today. I’m also planning to plant a few marigolds, who should do fine even if it gets a little chilly mid-week and will provide some more sparks of color.

Going against the Resurrection Day theme, I also did some garden maintenance by spritzing some errant Trees of Heaven with weed killer.

2 thoughts on “Easter

  1. i couldn’t imagine how you could go against the Resurrection by gardening …. but killing trees of heaven. yep. :O)

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