Garden Art: 2012

My garden is happy right now. I hope its good looks hold and there’s no raccoon wreckage (we’ve seen new evidence that there’s at least one still around) or other problems. John’s graduating in a couple weeks, and I’m excited to have a few extra guests around to enjoy it with me.

Once again, the weekend is over and most of the work I got done was outside. I turned over the rest of the soil in my vegetable patch, I cleaned up the maple seeds that were everywhere, and made some garden art. Last summer when John and I were in Germany, I saw this “tree jewelry” in an artsy little town:

I liked the idea of the dangling flowers, so I made some similar tree jewelry of my own. I think it looks pretty cool, but it’s difficult to translate the tree’s worth of jewelry into a good photo. So, here are a couple of close ups:

In the first day, I’ve seen a couple birds run into the transparent fishing line that the flowers and beads are hung on. Sorry!

I got to hear plenty of bird comings and goings as I worked in my yard. I’m keeping my eyes on the big oak tree behind us to catch when the migratory birds come through, but there’s nothing yet. A friend reported a rose breasted grosbeak at her feeder over the weekend, so I had better keep an eye out.

All the local birds have been busy nesting, though. I could hear a nest of cardinal babies peeping for their parents from inside the honeysuckle on the fence, as well as a bunch of starling babies in the broken streetlight. I could do without the starlings, especially since the parents have an annual tradition of ripping up my garden in search of green nest linings.

Meanwhile, John and I have enjoyed our first garden produce: lettuce from my little container gardens. It made some tasty salads. Next I’ll add it to a spring soup.

And my perennial garden continues to put on a good show. Now in addition to the irises, I’ve got some bright purple baptisia blooming.

The plant was an impulse purchase at a Master Gardener’s sale a couple years ago. At the sale, I loved the flowers in the photos that accompanied the plants. The information with it said it was kind of bigger and needed sun, but…well…it would work, right? It’s not perfect garden design to have it where it is, but it’s happy enough and it fits in well enough, so I guess it will stay.

I’ve got most of my garden art back out after the winter. I noticed something fun this afternoon–right next to my ceramic frog house and clay lizard there were real lizards sunning themselves. I think if I’d have waited long enough I might just have caught a real lizard sharing the rock with the fake one.

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