If a Tree Falls Before Progress, Does It Make My Garden Grow Better?

A couple days after John and I got home from our vacation, I realized that there were orange Xes on many trees on empty lots around our house. I pulled out my camera and took some photos–just in case–and it was a good thing I did because the tree cutting crews showed up the very next day.

(I think there was an illustration in The Lorax that looked just like the photo above.)

The tree cutters started on the twin oaks across the street and then moved to the marked trees awaiting their destiny just feet from our back yard.

In a day, my verdant woodland retreat went from this:

To this:

The light is dramatically brighter now. I’m concerned about the effect, but perhaps it will turn out all right. The biggest impact was on the side of my yard were the vegetables are planted. Maybe they’ll enjoy more light.

I’ll miss my urban forest, though. And all the bird habitat–although this past weekend a saw a hawk using the open field to hunt smaller birds in flight.

Soon new houses are scheduled to go up on all the lots that have been cleared. It will be nice to have some investment in the neighborhood and I’m hopeful that it will be a good thing, but sad that it brings the loss of so many trees. The trees are one thing I love about this neighborhood–no “naked acres” of a subdivision, just the green of mature oaks and maples (and–a negative–the invasive trees of heaven, or ghetto stink palm–their alternate title).

I was glad to see that there was some sensitivity in the tree cutting. A row of tall oaks seems to have been left at the front of the property to shade the new houses. I hope the future residents enjoy them.

2 thoughts on “If a Tree Falls Before Progress, Does It Make My Garden Grow Better?

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