Explosions of Green

I realized this weekend that my garden really looks like a dog days of summer garden. I’ve got a mass of beans and tomatoes starting to explode everywhere.

This year I planted a couple random zinnias and marigolds here and there among the vegetables and I’m enjoying the touches of color that they’re providing.

The blackberries are finishing their delicious run.

Peaches are in season, including the lovely Carolina Belles that are packed with complex flavor. As a special treat for me, John has now decided that peaches taste pretty good. Make way for some great peach desserts now that I have someone to share them with!

The sunflower that was planted by the birds at my bird feeder has finished its blooming and now will perhaps feed the birds itself.

My potted plants are happy.

The cardinal creeper vine is starting to look great on the side of the shed.

And we’ve had some more interesting little visitors. First there was this red iridescent dragonfly that I was lucky to spot one night on the cardinal creeper.

And then there was the evening I walked into the kitchen to find a dusty little lizard hanging out on the stove top. I have no idea what it was doing. John and I managed to trap it and release it outside.

3 thoughts on “Explosions of Green

    • No rain. I’ve been watering everything really regularly. I’m thankful I put in a few extra feet of drip hose down in the vegetable garden in the spring.

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