How Pretty are the Tomatoes

My tomato plants have been happily producing fruits and I’m happily harvesting them. Every time I get a bowl full I just have to take a picture. They’re so beautiful, especially just picked when they shine.

And the tomatillos, too.

I found a good recipe for grilled tomatillo salsa with corn and avocado served over grilled pork chops and John and I tried it last week. It was excellent!

I also froze more pesto for the winter.

Speaking of good eats, I’ve realized how many red flowers are blooming in my garden now–perfect for all the humming birds and butterflies stopping through.

And I’ve got my first Mexican sunflower blooming high above my garden.

Just in time for fall.

In case you’re wondering, the last two weeks have brought updates for the critter count. First we caught another possum, bringing us to four. Then we got another raccoon, bringing us to 10 (including the one that got away). Both were, thankfully, caught in the outside trap.

Unfortunately, we didn’t notice the raccoon right away (you’d think it would be obvious now that the trap is beneath our kitchen window, but no) and he sat in the trap for at least a day. I felt kind of bad, but then he didn’t seem all that much worse for wear.

When I re-baited the trap, I discovered that with so much time to kill, he’d somehow pulled off the heavy wire handle that you use to carry the trap and had it snagged on the bottom and side of the trap in such a way that I can’t pull it off. I’m going to have to cut the wire to undo his damage!

He didn’t escape, though. Have-a-Heart standard models are built like tanks!

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