It has come to this: the raccoon taxi service

The raccoon count has reached 11.

Can there possibly be that many raccoons hanging out on our block? Or is it just one or two raccoons who don’t mind a night in a trap and a quick trip to the river in the animal control truck in exchange for a marshmallow snack?

We’ll see. John and I finally decided to pay someone to cart our most recent catch to the far reaches of the county. The guy was a little surprised that we already had the raccoon in the trap. I guess his service usually includes the trapping and everything. It sounds crazy, but we’ve reached the point of hiring a taxi service for our raccoons.

Meanwhile, fall is starting to settle in a little. The days are getting shorter, the sun is lower in the sky, and it’s gotten cold enough at night that I’ve needed to bring my houseplants in. Still, the leaves on the trees around our house have really only started to turn in patches here and there. I imagine that one of these days I’ll wake up and the leaves will all suddenly be on the ground.

Still, everything is getting its last blooms in before the frost. The marigolds and zinnias are blooming with wild abandon.

My tomatoes are starting to dry out a little, but still they’re producing. One is a currant tomato variety that I decided to try this year. They were billed as an intense tomato flavor with hints of wine. They are attractive little gems, but I won’t grow the variety again next year. They’re just so small that they’re a pain to pick, so I’ve barely eaten any.

The tomatillos are still going strong, in contrast with this time last year when I was vainly willing just one on to ripeness before the first frost. I turned a second batch into a great pozole (chicken, hominy, and tomatillo stew) that was perfect on a chilly evening. We’ve also been making some nice, warm meals with some winter squash from the farmer’s market.

Now that the market has closed in Evansville for the year, I would love to find somewhere with nice, local squashes and apples for my fall cooking. Anyone know of such a place?

Meanwhile, my toad lilies have been blooming very well–multiple varieties, even!

And there are more butterflies.

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