Color coordinating with construction fences

We’re well into fall. Like last year, my Mexican sunflower has waited until now–the eleventh hour–to bloom. Still, its orange flowers fit with the color of the falling leaves. And the construction fences across the alley from us.

Big things are happening back there. Three houses are going up and a mountain of dirt lies between them.

Gone, too, is the final remainder of the little forest that used to grow across the alley. The giant oak stump got chopped up and hauled away.

Meanwhile, John and I were in Tucson a couple weekends ago. We were working most of the time, but we still got to see a little bit of the city and the surroundings. It was the first time either of us had been there. One nice part was that we got to stay in a little guest house in the foothills. This was our view. It was very relaxing.

My only other time in Arizona had been back in 2000 when my friend Jane and I went on a crazy three week road trip to the Grand Canyon. The trip was great, but I was so disappointed to discover that saguaro cacti don’t grow anywhere near the Grand Canyon. I’d wanted so much to see them growing naturally. Now I have!

Lots and lots of them!

Plus many other interesting desert plants.

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