My plants have been gracefully drooping and turning golden in the colder weather, but last week the first frost hit and they pretty well collapsed.

Just before the coldest night last week, I made a soup and threw in the last truly bright green thing that will come out of my garden for a while–a small handful of cilantro. It felt like a farewell to summer to stir it into the broth (along with the last couple tomatillos).

To help with cooking inspiration, I’ve made myself a cute new apron to go with the blog:

Do you see that pattern? Here’s a little bit closer:

Yep! Fun squirrels. The fabric’s from Let’s Sew, a great new high-end fabric store here in Evansville. A friend showed me this fabric when I was in there shopping for the things to make my niece an apron. I passed it up the first time, but it really was too perfect. I decided I needed an apron, too.

And with the leaves off the trees now, I can keep a close eye on the ever-changing dirt piles behind my house. I’ll keep you posted!

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