Putting the Beds to Rest

Last weekend the weather was really warm, so I took advantage of it to finish lots of little things around my garden to prepare it for the quiet winter time.

I raked the leaves off the concrete (there were so many fewer this year with so many trees gone from across the alley), I put away most of my garden art, and I raked up the leaves at the side of the house and bagged them up to use as mulch next summer.

Fall color on the blackberries

I left most of the dead flowers, partly because they look interesting and partly in hopes that the birds might like them. There have been so many fewer birds, too, without the little stand of trees across the alley. I particularly miss the downey and hairy woodpeckers that used to frequent my suet feeder all year long.

curled zinnia head

Dry zinnia

I have been late getting my bird feeders out and stocked. It’s disappointing to get masses of sparrows and little else. A couple weeks ago, I’d filled up the feeder and my cat was so happy gurgling at the sparrows outside while I ate my breakfast every morning.

Just for him, I set out my feeders in earnest this weekend. I even found a Yankee Flipper bird feeder for 50% off at Rural King, so I got it. The bottom perch has batteries in it and is supposed to spin to eject any squirrel that tries to eat from the feeder. My sister-in-law said that her family had one but that the squirrels just decided it was the best carnival ride ever and couldn’t get enough of it.

Meanwhile, my first seed catalog has arrived. Already its glossy photos of melons, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, and exotic heirloom oddities are making me dream of beautiful possibilities that I know deep down will never work in my garden. Sigh.

more fall blackberry color


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