The regular rhythms of my back yard continue as in previous years. I’ve seen the hawks overhead–evidence that they have taken up their usual winter residence in this neighborhood. Squirrels are romping around my yard, scavenging for winter food. I’m tempted to feed them, but then I’m afraid that I will only add to the critters bent on invading my house. And now the first crocus has emerged from my sad, brown yard. January 11: the earliest one yet.

First crocus of 2013 on January 11

Meanwhile, dramatic changes are taking place in the neighborhood. Since last fall, 40 houses are being built on empty lots around here, including 4 on my block and several on the block behind us. One house has gone up across the alley, and much like the crocus, it appeared so quickly that it seemed to burst from out of the muddy ground.

In place of the claw of destruction, there’s now a crane of construction.


I’d gotten used to the open spaces all around us, so it feels odd to be in a more enclosed cityscape again–especially when things are going up so quickly.

John and I are hopeful that it will be something good for our neighborhood.

The new scenery out my back door



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