Pesky Varmints

Kniving Squirrel PlottingSo the squirrels were reading my blog (because they’re kind of narcissistic, you know), and they said, “Hey raccoons! What’s with this? This blog is called Squirrels and Tomatoes and yet you guys get mentioned WAY more often than we do. Quit stealing the spotlight!”

To which the raccoons replied, “Well, it’s not our fault that you’re failing at your job of causing mayhem and destruction. Here’s a tip: break into the house. THAT will get you mentioned.”

And so they did.

There’s been some odd critter activity in our attic since maybe early fall. First it was a little insulation falling out of place, then a little more direct evidence (…shall we say). After watching the squirrels in the yard, I’m pretty sure it’s them. So now the traps are set for squirrels.

Meanwhile, my bird feeders have had a respectable mix of birds at them–enough to keep my cat very happy. I’ve got juncos, cardinals, doves, English sparrows, house finches, goldfinches (6 at a time!), downy woodpeckers, and even a little white throated sparrow.

I had two early crocus blooms in January and several more were well on their way when very cold weather hit and plastered them to the ground. They’re hardy, though, and are still managing to bloom happily despite being trampled by the weather. The later varieties still have their blooms safely underground. And one hellebore is blooming under repeated dustings of snow.

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2 thoughts on “Pesky Varmints

    • Thanks, Jessica. They’re so much fun to photograph. For the past couple years now I end up with so many crocus photos by the end of spring. Maybe part of it is having them pop up one at a time in the brownness of the winter, each one getting its moment of glory.

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