Waiting for Spring

It feels like it’s been a long time since I was working in my garden. I’ve had plenty of other things to work on, so I’ve been glad I can leave the garden to itself for a bit.

Right now, there is little beyond the crocuses and some half-way-up daffodils that looks alive, but it feels like even they look a little ragged this year. Among them are a couple of the first crocuses I planted three years ago. They’re the little blue and white ones.

one of the original crocuses

I love the purple racing stripes

I also have a hellebore, or Lenten rose, blooming and two others are starting to form buds. The first one has a ton of blooms on it, but it keeps them very low to the ground.

first hellebore

My cat and I have enjoyed watching more birds at my feeders. We can now add a hairy woodpecker to the species we’ve seen this winter. I’ve also seen the neighborhood Cooper’s hawk pretty frequently. Each day, my feeders get at least a dozen fat mourning doves slowly poking around under them, so I’m waiting for a day like last year when the hawk stops by my yard for lunch.

Shamoo watching it all

a less brave goldfinch

We seem to be able to cross squirrels off the list of back yard sightings for now. I wasn’t able to trap the renegades inside our attic, but four squirrels easily bumbled into the traps I set for them outside under the bird feeders. John and I transported them away. Hopefully in that motley lot we got the attic offender(s).

I spent the month of February trying to make art that (it turns out) just wouldn’t get made, which has left me feeling less than creative. That rubs off on my garden planning. I feel less than inspired. I have been looking at the back yard, though, and wondering if  I should try switching to a legitimate raised bed constructed on the concrete instead of my little collection of containers.

Meanwhile, I started some tomatoes, peppers, and marigolds a few weeks ago. It may have been a little early and I may have been pushing my luck because they seem to be yearning for a warm boost from the sun when it’s been cloudy and cold for days. The marigolds have made it up, though.

little plants

Again this year I’m a bit of a squatter in a greenhouse space connected to an apartment complex. I’m glad to have friends who will tolerate a couple flats of my things mixed in among their plants. I found out last year that having access to a greenhouse really makes a difference.

And finally, I received a nice surprise from one of my orchids–a bloom that began on Valentine’s Day, no less!

my orchid

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