Spring Already, Spring!

I’m sorry, Evansville, but your February and early March are really not flattering at all. What’s worse, this year it’s stayed cold for extra long, so the grey, brown days feel like they’re dragging on endlessly.

My crocuses have provided some small glimmers of hope, as have the hellebores and now some daffodils, but still, there’s only so much of this that I can take!

A couple weekends ago it was almost warm, so I tended my container garden and planted lettuces and peas. I also started a few more things in the greenhouse. Hopefully they will be ready to go out by the time weather is nice and not sooner.

I’m also getting ready for an art show in Jasper, Indiana, so while I’ve got a bunch of garden photos building up, I don’t have much time to write about them in an extended blog entry. Instead, I’ll leave you with a slide show of the recent happenings in my garden.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

4 thoughts on “Spring Already, Spring!

  1. Amy, these photos are gorgeous! It’s good we can look at these photos during these gloomy days in Evansville right now.

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