Well! That’s more like it, Spring!

About a week and a half ago, we finally got some temperatures in the mid 60’s  and spring finally got going. It hasn’t stopped since.

The first nice weather came over Easter weekend and I was waiting to pounce with a project.

More than five years ago, before we moved back to Evansville, a garbage truck allegedly backed over a section of the back fence. Over the years, the fence has slowly leaned over further and further as the honeysuckle weighed it down and the scrappers tugged hopefully at it from the alley. Then we put an old table in the alley, assuming it, like everything else, would magically disappear in the bed of an old pickup truck. It didn’t. Instead, it crushed the fence over worse than ever under the tires of all the construction traffic in the alley. It was time to act!

So, the first nice day came and I started hacking at the honeysuckle and pulling apart the old fence. John got mixed up in it by the end, as well. I was pretty happy that it appears we were able to salvage a lot of the fencing that had been there, but we had to remove all the honeysuckle to do so. I’m sorry to have lost our wonderful living privacy fence, but it’s already starting to grow again.

Repairing the back fenceIn this photo, you can see the old fence leaning against a tree across the alley. I was worried no scrapper would want it all covered in vines, but it was gone first thing Monday morning. Yee-haw! Take any metal that’s not strapped down!

And elsewhere around my garden, the first sprouts were appearing.

first peony sprouts

And the goldfinches at my feeders were growing more and more mottled as their voracious feeding led to bright new feathers. This week, most of them appear to have moved on completely. Goodbye!

blotchy goldfinch

With five days over 70 degrees now, each day I see the sprouting plants have expanded more. There are the tiny Asian greens…greens

The blackberries…


A fern…

fern uncoiling

The tiarellas and astrilbes…


The Chinese ginger with flowers I almost missed under the dead leaves…

Chinese ginger

And grandest of all, the magnolia bloomed…

blue sky and blooms

beautiful magnolia

Ahh the magnolia

Spring’s here for sure! But will it stay?

The greenhouse has done its magic and I have wonderful, healthy, tall tomato plants that are eager to come outside–if only it will stay warm enough for them.

tomato starts



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