The Plant Protector

The Plant Protector

I’m forever pulling one hundred years’ worth of other people’s stuff out of my garden. This spring while turning the vegetable garden, my shovel hit this guy. He’s a far cry from the usual bricks.


4 thoughts on “The Plant Protector

  1. Wow, Amy! Your gardening experiences are far more exciting than mine were when I was a child! (As you know, I have no adult experiences in gardening.)

  2. Yes, Jane, it’s a plastic figure from Mulan. I guess that makes it a little like the terra cotta army unearthed in China–but not. Laura, I’m remembering now how our garden when I was growing up in Archbold also had random trash items in it and I collected them as a child. It was mostly plate fragments and sometimes a piece of glass or a marble.

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