Our neighborhood has changed so much in the last several years. I’ve found it very interesting to look at the difference between this view of my garden from this week (May 2013)…

Garden View May 2013

and about the same view in June of 2011 (soon after I started this blog)…

Fairy House

Fewer trees now…old houses gone…new houses appearing…my plants have grown…our fence isn’t caving in.

In other changes, I have a new camera! People have asked me what kind of camera I use for this blog. The answer is a little Cannon point and shoot that probably cost about $125 several years ago. Thank you to everyone who’s complimented me on the photos I’ve taken with it. It struggles with marginally low light and close ups and other things. For every photo I post, there are 20 more that were too blurry to use.

Life’s been a challenge lately between the raccoon invaders at home and a break in at work. For me, the one positive thing that the break in brought was that I had to look up replacement prices for the camera I used at work which was among the things stolen. I found that the camera had gone down in price to the point that I felt I could purchase a second one for my personal use.

It’s a Panasonic Lumix that’s in the “hybrid” category–still not a digital SLR. I was happy with it at Patchwork, and I’m looking forward to using it at home.

2 thoughts on “Changes!

    • Funny! Maybe I’ll have to check it out. I haven’t checked our “raccoon indicator strip” yet today. Hopefully it’s still registering no activity.

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