The Virtual Garden Tour

I would love to have you all over to show you my garden. Since I can’t do that, here is a tour in photos.

The month of May is generally so kind to my garden. The beginning of June is, as well. Then nature turns up the heat and things get tired and crispy.

In May, it’s bloom after bloom. When one kind of plant stops, another begins.

I’ve got irises of all sorts (enough different sorts to stretch the blooming for weeks)…


reticulated iris

happy iris


purple bearded iris

celebratory iris

And the wonderful baptisia…






And now, honeysuckle. The air in the back yard is heavy with the scent, even with part of the honeysuckle wall cut back. Too bad I’ve got a cold and can’t fully appreciate it.


With my new camera, I can get better panoramic views of the garden. It helps to (maybe) show how small the space is. Here is the back yard from the west:

view from the west

And now the same space but from the east:

view from the eastIn all my planting, I’ve also added more to the little rock garden I built last year. I added some begonias and other annuals and more sedums. It’s a real mix of things, so I guess I’ll just see what survives and add more of it next year. For now, I kind of like the way it looks:

rock garden

fern and begonia


Also around my garden:

little bug

5 thoughts on “The Virtual Garden Tour

  1. Your garden is beautiful, Amy. I really loved the purple flowers against the deep greens. And, was that a katydid at the end? Great capture!

    • Thanks, Jessica. The little bug wasn’t a katydid. I’m not sure what it was but it was very green and stayed in the hens and chicks all afternoon one day.

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