The Official Master Gardener Garden Walk

Two years ago, I went on the Southwestern Indiana Master Gardener’s Garden Walk. Like a giant garden scavenger hunt, you get a list of addresses, drive to them, and check out the gardens that you find at each one. It was lots of fun.

I came home and decided to start this blog because I saw how much fun it is to show your garden to people and, I thought, I’ve got a pretty nice garden, too.

The Master Gardeners held their Garden Walk again last weekend and I managed to make it to all 13 gardens. Again I enjoyed seeing the variety of gardens and things growing in them.

There were the picturesque and perfect landscapes:

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One garden’s special attractions included a straight line worn into the grass by raccoons on their nightly trip from underneath a neighbor’s barn. Ah, raccoons.

One garden that was a little different was set on a hillside in the forest that sloped down to a lake. The gardeners had created wonderful paths lined with ferns from the property itself and hostas. The trails led to various places like a gazebo and a table set for two and a dock for kayak launches. It was the one place that I toured the garden with the owner and it was fun to hear her excitement about her garden.

forest path

There were also many fun plants–both those I might possibly grow in my own garden and others (like some cacti whose blooms the bees were gleefully throwing themselves into) that I’m happy to appreciate in someone else’s garden:

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There was also lots of garden art to provide me with some inspiration.

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I liked that this gardener used Mardi Gras beads for some sparkle and also used weeds as a nice ground cover. He’d edged the bed and had a nice grass walkway, so it took a second or third glance to realize I was looking at a weed called Creeping Charlie.

Beads and weeds

It was also a tour of bottle trees. I’ve contemplated making one and liked the variation in which the bottles went over pitchfork tines.

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There were also many really nice water features. They’re beautiful and I love the idea of a trickle of water in my garden, but they always look like a little too much work and expense and I hate that you have to have a power cord running to the pump. That’s why I liked this one that was just a little drip hose running into a birdbath:

Dripping water birdbath

There was also one garden that contained garden art reminiscent of my friend Jane’s. There were a lot of found objects that were re-purposed in fun and unexpected ways. It’s the only place other than Jane’s where I’ve seen bowling balls in place of gazing balls. Here were a couple of my favorite areas:

cool stuff

mossy boots

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