Suddenly Summer

Last week I caught a squirrel sitting on top of my blackberry trellis munching on green berries. Drat! Well, it appears the new neighborhood cat has appointed herself to blackberry guard duty. Get em!

smart aleck

It also explains why my cat has been particularly interested in looking out the back door lately.


Meanwhile, summer flowers have started blooming in my garden. Having worked hard to get early seeds started in the greenhouse, I’d like to believe that it was because I was so on top of things. It may just be that I’ve been really busy and the spring had flown by before I knew it.

I’ve had my own marigolds, zinnias, and sunflowers blooming already…

marigold 2013

marigold 2

zinnia 2013

sunflower 2013

And tons and tons of nasturtiums. My first year gardening, I had some great nasturtiums come up, but I’ve tried and tried since with no luck. I really like them, so I was resolved to get results this spring. I planted early and kept the ground moist and nothing came up, so I planted a few more, and still nothing. Then I had finally waited long enough and they were all up! They’re about to take over.



I also had given up on peas, but this year I tried planting them on the outside of containers with squash and cucumbers in the middle. It seems to have worked quite well…



In my little shade garden, the astrilbes have been blooming. They were nice, but I wish they’d all bloom at the same time. That would be spectacular…

iris and astrilbe


My Lady in Red hydrangea is blooming and so are my neighbor’s blue ones.



And I keep adjusting my brick garden. I added one more little section. Woohoo! More plants! It looks like a giant plant-y blob in a photo. It even looks a little like that in person, but I think it’s cool.

full view

hen and chicks detail

fern detail

feet and grace side detail of feet and grace side

And it’s cherry season. I picked a bunch last weekend. They were beautiful and made a great cherry gallette.

this year's cherries

cherry galette

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