Around my Back Yard…

My Back Yard

Summer is here, and yet the weather is still treating my garden well. Soon it will be so miserable outside that I’ll finally get some work done inside, but until then I continue to spend my weekends in the back yard.

The last of the astrilbes has bloomed…

end of astrilbe

And now it’s on to hostas. I’d originally disliked hosta blooms for being gangly and dull, but this summer I’ve started to appreciate them as a way to provide graceful variety to the garden.

Hosta: Goodness Gracious

Hosta: Blue Mouse Ears

Hosta: unknown

Also appearing now are the caladiums I planted among the irises. I’ve done this combination for several years now. The caladiums start to take over as the iris leaves start to fade. They’re a fun bit of color.

caladiums among the irises


Their cousins, my grove of elephant ears, are also starting to get bigger. I use the air conditioner condensation to keep them well watered all summer…

elephant ears

There’s also a shift in what I’m harvesting from my garden. Last week it was a couple early tomatoes, some dragon’s egg cucumbers, the end of the peas, and garlic.

Harvest: third week of June

And more sunflower blooms, including this sad, wilty little one that the birds planted in a crack in the concrete. I crushed it under a hose a couple weeks ago, but its persevered.

sad little sunflower

And others that I planted…


golden ring

And a few more shots of my favorite sections of the new brick garden…

brick garden 1

brick garden 2

My melon is blooming…

happy melon bee

But, sadly, my squashes are no more. Reading the seed catalogs got me so excited about all the possibilities for squash even though I had trouble with them last year. I got seeds started, planted the seedlings outside, and then a friend enlightened me about squash vine borers. Namely: they come back year after year. They got my squashes last year and they were attacking again this year. The plants didn’t look bad yet, so it was really difficult to rip out things that were such a healthy green. I’ll just have to get my squash from the farmer’s market.

In Memory

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