And Around my Neighborhood…

Last year, I highlighted my friend Jane’s artful garden and other art around my neighborhood, but there are other fun gardens nearby as well. Last week on my way to the bank, I noticed my friends Billy and Tom’s Peace Garden was looking wonderfully summery. I came back with my camera to explore a little more.

Peace Garden Sign

Here’s the sign, some art, and some Indiana geodes–something I have a new appreciation for after seeing the Geode Grotto in Jasper. And an artichoke…


And a great tree with assorted items hanging in it. If I remember correctly from Billy’s garden tour, the tree contains another thing that I would love to have in my garden: a house with a resident wren.

tree of things

I love the way these flowers match the house…

matching yellows

And the garden from the back…

garden cross

I couldn’t quite get the perfect angle, but there are also a couple metal sculptures in the garden including one that looks kind of like a flaming person that has big rows of flaming orange day lilies in front of him. It’s a fun garden to look around.

Meanwhile, Sculpt EVV is back for a second year. Like last year, I like the fact that there are big outdoor sculptures mixed into a residential neighborhood so you come around house and–boom–there’s a giant wooden airplane thingy (not pictured below).

Sculpt EVV 2013

It’s fun to walk around the neighborhood to discover all the art. Still, I’d love to see a show with more intentional interplay of the specific location and the art.

After last year’s prize-winning entry was vandalized, it came back this year in flower pots created by USI students and youths living in this neighborhood. There was a gathering to celebrate the art and the neighborhood and everyone there was encouraged to take some of the pots home with them, which I was very happy to do.

Best of All Possible Worlds

And recently I’ve gotten myself a little more garden art.


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