Blueberry Pies Forever

It’s blueberry season! I’ve made two pies already and have I-don’t-know-how-many gallons of berries in the freezer. Yay! I may even make one more trip over to Wright’s Berry Farm to get one more batch.


Another fun thing from the last couple weeks is that one of the guys who was repairing our porch found a stone oddity under the porch and pulled it out for me because he saw all the odd stuff I have in my back yard. Very cool! Right now, it’s serving as a lookout mountain for my garden guardian.

mount lookout

Meanwhile in my garden, things are still looking nice. For the Fourth of July, lots of things were in bloom.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I tried different sunflowers this year. Before, I’ve done Mexican sunflowers but they take forever to bloom–though the monarchs love them. My new sunflowers are blooming happily already and they’ve attracted goldfinches. I love it. I look out my back door and see a shard of yellow sunflower zipping across the yard on wings.

sunflower and sky

New tomatoes are ripe. This year I decided to try all new varieties for a change of pace. They all sound so exciting in the seed catalogs. I’ve got a couple new color variations.

the first tomatoes

I love this brave little volunteer marigold that is toughing it out in a crack between some of my containers. It’s even managed a bloom.

the brave marigold

I also love the effect of water droplets on caladium leaves.

caladium and brick

This year, one experiment is a melon plant. So far, so good–but it’s got a long way to go. I’ll keep you posted!


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