Freezer Fest 2013

I get so excited about all the fresh, local food this time of year. And there’s only so much you can eat at one time!

I spent the weekend putting up a bunch of what’s fresh now. I have a tendency to get a little too excited and store too much–or perhaps I need to just make more fruit desserts during the winter.

There were peaches, plums, tomatoes, blackberries, and applesauce.

I got talked into trying something new with my applesauce this year. As you may remember, I love to make applesauce with sour June apples. It tastes great–just like Mom used to make. I’d been making it with the apples from my own tree, but we had to have the trees pruned and all the apples are too high up to reach this summer.

The weekend before last I asked about Lodi apples at the farmer’s market.

“Those are almost gone. I’ve got some back at the store, but Lodi?  I’ve got these Pristines here that are almost edible. You should try them instead.”

Despite his sour apple shudder, I really did want the Lodi apples so I got them at the store the next day. As I did, I saw the Pristine apples again and wondered what if…

This past weekend I decided to do one more batch of applesauce and went back to the store for more apples.

“Maybe I should give them a chance,” I thought. “Class up my applesauce.”

Then again, last year I thought that the Lodi apples were classy.

So, I tried them:

They did not work.

When shoved through my saucer, they just turned to water. Boo. Actually, they tasted pretty good raw and reminded me a little of Jonathans. I’m not sure what the guy was talking about when he said they were barely edible.

Good thing I’d also gotten another ten pounds of Lodi. They’re still the applesauce champions!

P1020357 lodi

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