Autumn’s Approach

I can’t believe that August is almost over! It’s hot and dry and fall must be on the way because the autumn blooming clematis is starting its annual show:


Around my garden the tomatoes are going gangbusters:

August tomato bowl

yellow tomatoes

And my vegetable garden has become a mass of green:

my garden August 2013

The cucumber and melon vines are pretty, though not productive at the moment (although I am grateful to our cat sitter who collected the one melon that ripened while John and I were on vacation and saved it for me to try!)…

cucumber vine

melon bloom

I have a volunteer cypress vine blooming in the middle of my beans. I’m glad for it because the morning glories I intentionally planted have failed to thrive (and they sounded like such a beautiful variety, too!).

cypress vine

I also have a few more varieties of hosta that are still putting out blooms…hosta blooms

An in another sign of autumn’s approach, the toad lilies are blooming.




Recently a few of my indoor plants spent a little time outdoors when I repotted my orchids. I was sorry that it meant that I needed to trim the bloom off of one, but hopefully the plant will stay happy now that it’s in a real pot. I’ll enjoy the bloom while it lasts.


And then there were the surprise lilies that had just started to snake their way out of the ground right before we left for vacation. Surprise!


starting to appear



Luckily they were still blooming and only a little past their peak when we returned. Because of the drought last year then never bloomed, making this year even more of a surprise.



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