Yeah, I admit it. I went glamping and I had a wonderful time.

Glamping. It’s apparently the new trend.

Don’t know what glamping is? Not trendy yourself?

Neither am I.

But a couple weeks ago the local paper included two stories about a place nearby that just opened and that is offering “glamping” or “glorious camping”.

“Ha ha,” I thought to myself. “Camping in a tent with electricity and an air mattress. That’s kind of ridiculous…and yet maybe a little fun.”

I read on. Good food inspired by California wine country?

John and I like good food!

Wine pairings with the food?

John and I like wine pairings!

Eaten outside on a deck overlooking an expanse of green?

Sounds lovely!

And all the samplings spread out over the course of a day as you walk around the estate nibbling here and there?


It sounded like a perfectly John and Amy kind of place, so we decided to book a glamping package. Looking at our calendars, the approaching weekend was the only time soon that we could both get away. Feeling a little wild and crazy, we made a reservation.

It was an absolutely perfect 24 hour getaway. Even better: the weather couldn’t have been nicer–cool and sunny.

The place is called Blueberry Hill Estate and Day Spa and it’s near Paoli, Indiana. We checked into our tent on Saturday evening then headed to the restaurant for dinner. Of course we had to grab a few photos of our glorious campsite:

the "tent"

John in thought

glamping style

It’s a big Coleman tent on a platform with an extra roof and electricity, furniture inside and out, a refrigerator and snacks, and a big air mattress with fancy pillows and bedding and an electric blanket to take off the chill. Yeah. It was awesome. There was a port-o-potty nearby and a little cabin with a real bathroom up the hill.

Dinner was very good. Things weren’t rushed, so we were there eating for a couple hours, savoring a bottle of wine and enjoying each other’s company. When we got back to our campsite at the top of the hill, they’d started a bonfire for us. We sat and watched the stars for a little before bed. The temperature dipped into the 50’s overnight, so it was perfect for sleeping all cozy under the covers and electric blanket. I heard barred owls in the night and lots of birdcalls in the morning. We slept late and had a light breakfast from the snack sampler in the cabin while sitting at the scenic overlook.

the view

Then our wine pairings began! We mosied down to the main building/bed and breakfast, stopping by the pool for a moment before finding a seat in one of the little outdoor seating areas. The server brought us one little tidbit of food and a splash of wine to match it (Hmm, tasty!), then another (also nice) and another (interesting) and another (yum!). It was fun to try all the flavors. This was a nice prosciutto, cantaloupe, and mozzarella bite paired with a nice German Riesling:


After the first four pairings, we got some boxed lunches and hiked back to the top of the hill to eat them. We played a few lawn games, went on another little walk, played pool in the English pub room, then got a little picnic basket with the next two pairings in it. After those, there were three more to be eaten in the outdoor seating area. At that point, a whole day had passed and we were pleasantly full of good food.

Corny as “glamping” is, the whole thing was perfect for us and we had a lot of fun.

2 thoughts on “Yeah, I admit it. I went glamping and I had a wonderful time.

  1. Glamping is ALL the rage over here, from yurts to tepees to pods. We’ve been considering it since sleeping with the dog in our tiny two-person tent, even for us as dog lovers, seems less than ideal….

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