Change of Season

Life in the garden has slowed down. A stew that I made recently summarizes the time of year well: it includes the last fresh things from my garden and others in the area (poblano peppers, garlic, & squash) and some vegetables from my overstuffed freezer (tomatoes & corn) mixed with local meat from the River City Food Co-op.

In my kitchen I’ve still got a few dried beans that I collected from my garden. I’m hoping to try them in something.

dried beans

In the last couple weeks I’ve raked and bagged leaves to use in the garden next year, I’ve cleaned dead plants out of the vegetable garden, and I’ve gotten the new growth on the blackberry under control. I’d never realized that the Rose of Sharon seeds that fall into my vegetable garden start out fuzzy. They’re elegant now. They won’t be so elegant once spring comes and I’m constantly pulling their little green sprouts .

fuzzy seed

hydrangea fragment

And while I was outside I saw more reminders that raccoons are everywhere. Here are some footprints on the garbage can (they were using it as a step stool and not rummaging through it, thankfully). I’m just trying to remember the animal management guy’s advice from this summer: “I’ll guarantee you: they’re everywhere along this street. Make sure you’re trapping your raccoons and not your neighbors’ raccoons.”

If these aren’t our raccoons, I’ll try not to worry. We’re OK as long as they decide not to call our house their home.

Raccoon prints on the trash can

**And you’ll note that with the changing seasons, I’m trying a new look for Squirrels and Tomatoes. I had been using a different WordPress theme with a darker color palette. This one’s lighter and airier. Thoughts?

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