Evergreen with a Touch of Whimsy

It’s Christmas Time!

That means it’s time for the annual trek to the reclaimed strip mine land in search of Christmas trees!

This year the weather was terrible with lots of rain on top of what was left of the snow. As a result, John and I were the only ones from the usual group who managed to venture out for a tree. It was a bleak midwinter landscape, made more bleak when I played with the high contrast setting on my camera.

strip mine landscape

bleak tree

a weed

We found our tree pretty quickly–we just grabbed the first good candidate that we laid eyes on. The ground was so soggy that we didn’t feel like slogging too far from the road in search of something better. In retrospect, the one we picked is perfect.

Our tree in the wild

John in high contrast

It looks wonderfully old-fashioned decorated with red ornaments, glass, fake birds, and tin icicles. It’s smaller and wispier than our previous trees, so I didn’t even attempt to add our usual angelic tree topper. As a nod to the tree’s origin, I topped it with a little goldfinch. It perches just like the live ones outside at my bird feeder.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In looking back over the year, it seems perfect to share a photo of my garden taken from our upstairs bedroom. Here’s my garden in its entirety tucked under a blanket of snow: perennials, containers, and vegetables. It looks so small!

my little garden

Shamoo adopted that upstairs bedroom back when we moved into this house 5 years ago. It was his safe place among the stress and chaos of the move and it has remained his safe place. John and I call it…

The Fortress of Moo.

Now that Shamoo’s an old guy with kidney failure, he’s loosing all his body fat–not something anyone wants in the middle of winter. As a gift to the sweet guy, I bought him an electric cat bed that heats up when it senses he’s sitting in it. I put the bed in his already cozy Fortress.

After waiting just long enough to show me that it was his idea to sleep in the bed and not mine, he’s been spending his days sleeping toasty and warm in his bed.

Moo in his bed

His Moogesty

4 thoughts on “Evergreen with a Touch of Whimsy

  1. Wonderful photos–of the outdoors, the tree, and Shamoo! It makes my day to see photos of Shamoo! Tell him I identify with him in his need for a warm spot.

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