The Ice Storm Edition

In the last round of winter storms, we were blessed with just enough ice to make it really pretty outside, but not so much that it caused major damage (though I’ll admit that it was pretty slippery and nasty to try to get around outside). I’ve been out with my camera quite a bit to try to capture the brilliant, crystalized world.

my garden

Above you can see my newly refurbished flags looking so nice and bright. Below are some details from around the yard. I loved the extra icicle flourishes on my tree jewelry and the crystalized hydrangea. (If you click on any of the photos in the collages in the rest of this post, you’ll get a slide show that you can flip through.)

I really liked all the interesting lines created by my blackberries, their support, the fence, and the ice.

And then there was the fringe of bird netting that’s been forgotten along the back fence.

It was great that last weekend it was warm enough for me to install the new weather station that I’d gotten for Christmas. I didn’t need to look at the temperature readout to know it was cold. I could tell by the icicles hanging off of it. It was fun watching the icicle merry-go-round on the anemometer.

weather station

Then I walked over to Patchwork and found more interesting things to photograph.

The next two days, the sun was out and the bejeweled plants were sparkling. It was difficult to capture the full effect, but I tried.

Stuck inside, instead of eating fresh fruits from my garden, I’m eating exotic fruits brought to me from Germany by my sister. Germany may not want you to know how much of their German engineering they have applied to their gummi candy in order to create perfect marshmallow-y clouds of color swirled, sour sugar coated, gel-filled goodness.

Gummi Fruit

And as a final thought, here’s a photo I posted this time last year:

Happy Bees


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