4 thoughts on “A Pop of Color

  1. Thanks for this hope, Amy!! We still have a foot of snow on the ground..,
    What a delight to meet Elias and Lea! They are precious indeed. I hear you will enjoy their presence shortly. Mallory and Lea have become best pals, and I am sure it will be hard for them to say goodbye!! We were at Kemps for dinner last night with Peter and Barbara, Thomas, Jean and Andrea, and Ruth and John. Peter had a video of shots from their trip to Scotland. Incredibly beautiful. Sorry you were not with us!!

    • I would have loved to have been there, too! It would have been so great to see everyone (and I’d have loved to hear about the trip to Scotland. It’s one of my favorite places). I’m looking forward to spending more time with Kirsten and her family this week.

      And, wow! Still a foot of snow!

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