The crocuses are in bloom! And so are the snowdrops! I keep getting surprised! This year I’ve been so busy and it’s been so cold and brown and gray that I haven’t even looked outside much. When I do: bam! there’s a little bit more color that’s appeared out of nowhere!

First there was an amazing cluster of light purple crocuses that faded perfectly from white to purple. Then it was some that were darker, richer purples and yellow. Then we had yet another round of snow on the crocuses. Pretty!

Meanwhile, my love of cats and my love of birds are in serious conflict in my yard. This winter our neighbor’s cat has decided to start murdering the birds at my feeder. It’s getting terrible. I had noticed the cat lurking around by yard. Then I noticed a pile of feathers. Then I saw this and realized she’s an amazing hunter and so well camouflaged:

darn cat!

Do you see her? She’s perched in the crook of the magnolia, eyeing a plump little junco, and just waiting… I chased her off as soon as I got done taking the photo. Then this morning I heard a commotion outside and looked up from my breakfast and newspaper to find that she was in my yard again and had caught another junco.

I was reminded of this great infographic about How Much Cats Kill.


Research shows one in three cats commits an average of two murders a week (in between blinking lazily, purring, sleeping, cuddling, and eating actual cat food).

My cat knows the proper way to appreciate the birds: from inside the house.


4 thoughts on “Springing

  1. Great photos!

    Schmoo (Does his name have two o’s?) is my kind of cat–appreciating birds from the inside!

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