Shifting Seasons

We’ve had a wide variety of weather in the last few weeks. One day it was warm. The plants loved it. The crocuses bloomed even bigger than before. The honeybees were happy…

Then it snowed a beautiful, fluffy snow that was gone as quickly as it arrived, all in a single morning. Notice the flakes caught in the spider web on the fig tree, and I’ll be sharing more about the new construction that you see highlighted in snow in my yard…

Then it was warm again. Then it rained 7.34 inches in about 24 hours (I wanted to give our sump pump a great big hug). Suddenly, sprouts are appearing in my garden and the hellebores are blooming. After such a long cold winter that seems to go on and on, it continues to be a happy surprise to look outside and see a little green appear among the browns and grays I’ve been seeing for so long…

My seeds are coming up in the greenhouse. I love looking at all the seedlings, both mine and some that belong to my friends…

And then I smelled the sweetness of our magnolia blooming. Its petals have been damaged somewhat by the cool weather, but I take it as a happy sign that spring is really here.

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