An Object of Beauty

I first laid eyes on it back in January at the Bluffton, Ohio fireworks store. It was beautiful, but I let it slip by.

However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized I was destined to own it. That my garden would never be complete without it.

So last weekend when I was back in Bluffton, I went back to the fireworks store and inquired about it.

“$30. No returns.”


And so I present to you…

concrete raccoon

My new concrete raccoon!

It’s beautiful!

My sister suggested that I probably could have haggled on the price, but I was too excited. She also suggested that I should make a raccoon shrine in my yard, which I think is a good idea. Maybe it will drive away the raccoons.

And another I-kid-you-not fact for you: In November 1931, one former resident of my house caught an opossum in the back yard. People were so astounded to find such wildlife in the city that it made the newspaper.

catches possum

It was so remarkable that the guy offered the opossum to the local zoo.

possum presented to zoo

I’m disappointed that there’s no record of whether the zoo took it.

(All this is courtesy of the Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library’s new searchable database of historic newspapers and staying up too late because I found it so intriguing.)

4 thoughts on “An Object of Beauty

  1. A marvelous story, Amy–and a great retrieval of the newspaper item! Keep us posted on the raccoon shrine if it develops.

    • Thanks, Laura. It already appears that the raccoon shrine may attract raccoons rather than keep them away! The first night I had the concrete raccoon in the yard and we have a real raccoon scratching around our house trying to get in. Hopefully he goes away.

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