Five Years in the Garden

Five years ago I started my garden. It’s grown beyond my wildest dreams.

In 2009:

Perennials in 2009

In 2014:

Perennials in 2014

In 2009:

Vegetables in 2009

In 2014:

Vegetables in 2014

To celebrate all that new growth, here are some images of this spring’s plants emerging (click on any one for a slide show):

I’m discovering that I went a little crazy planting lettuces and greens in my new raised bed. I was too excited by all the new possibilities that the extra space would afford me and now it’s ALL ready at the same time. John and I are doing our best to eat it before it expires!

We’ve done a lot of salads, John’s making green smoothies for breakfast and lunch, and I’ve got a great soup recipe that can incorporate giant fistfuls of all of these greens. We keep harvesting it by the bowlful and laughing because afterward you can’t see the spot where any is missing.

It all tastes so good. The list of what’s growing is:

  • Vates collards from Seed Savers Exchange
  • Cilantro from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
  • Apollo Arugula from Seed Savers
  • Rocky Top Lettuce Mix from Baker Creek
  • Salad Blend Siamese Dragon Stir-Fry Mix from Baker Creek
  • Tatsoi from Baker Creek
  • Shanghai Green Choy from Baker Creek

look at all the greens!

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